Pocahontas - Irene Bedard/Judy Kuhn
John Smith - Donal Gibson
Meeko - John Kassir
Flit - Frank Welker
Powhatan - Russell Means
Ratcliffe - David Ogden Stiers
Grandmother Willow - Linda Hunt
Mrs. Jenkins - Jean Stapleton
John Rolfe - Billy Zane

Release Dates

USA - August 4, 1998
Canada - August 25, 1998
Iceland - April 12, 1999
Portugal - May 21, 1999
Hungary - April 6, 2000
Norway - June 5, 2002


"Where Do I Go From Here?"
"What A Day In London"
"Wait 'Til He Sees You"
"Things Are Not What They Appear"
"Between Two Worlds"


"Where Do I Go From Here?"

The earth is cold, the fields are bare
The branches fold against the wind that's everywhere
The birds move on so they survive
When snow's so deep the bears all sleep to keep themselves alive
They do what they must for now and trust in their plan
If I trust in mine, somehow I might find who I am
But where do I go from here?
So many voices ringing in my ear
Which is the voice that I was meant to hear?
How will I know where do I go from here?
My world has changed, and so have I
I've learned to choose and even learned to say good-bye
The path ahead, so hard to see
It winds and bends, but where it ends depends on only me
In my heart I don't feel part of so much I've known
Now it seems it's time to start a new life on my own
But where do I go from here?
So many voices ringing in my ear
Which is the voice I was meant to hear?
How will I know, where do I go from here?

"What A Day In London"

The sun comes up, the lamps go down
The day begins in London town
There's tea to brew and buns to bake
And some who just refuse to wake
While shops are stocked and flocks are fed
The midnight men drift home to bed
School bells chime and church bells ring
Children whine, peddlers sing
What a day in London, come and see who's here
Everybody knows someone, they come from far and near
They bring their geese, their finest fleece
To please the keenest eye
And hope and pray someone will say
There's something they might buy
With pigs to slop and fish to gut
It ain't exactly heaven but
We thank the Lord and kiss the ground
For bread and board in London town
The upper crust lie fast asleep
But some of us has got floors to sweep
One day's like the day before
Can't complain if there's no war
What a day in London, everthing's for sale
Cabbages and onions
Look up, who's that?
That girl up in the tree
It's not a dream, it's moving, see?
Good grief, what can it be?
Look there, I swear she's flying through the air
She must be wild, she's just a child
I wish I had her hair

My heart is pounding like a drum, I can't believe my eyes
In London people seem to come in every shape and size
So many paths, I wonder how they find their way
So many signs, I wonder what they really say
London is everything I've heard and more
London is nothing like I've seen before
Music and feathered hats and roofs that shine
With flags flying higher than a pine

She seems so sweet, she means us well
Size twenty feet, how can you tell?
We'll rue this day, you wait and see
What is to be or not to be

How do they build their huts so tall? Can this be all one tribe?
The things they sell, the things I smell, I never could describe
These cakes taste just like berries picked this very day
The sound a river makes still takes my breath away
London's as busy as a hive of bees
Grandmother Willow would just love these trees
Crowded and loud, but so exciting too
With colors I never even knew

What a day in London, nothing strange at all
'Cept the girl with someone maybe ten feet tall
This day's become a day no one is likely to forget
A day we'll all remember as the day two worlds have met

Such beauty's rare, I'm quite impressed
One mustn't stare, she's barely dressed
The strength of ten, that's what I heard
She's won the men, just take my word
A bright young thing to venture here
It will be __, dear
Perhaps some brew to quench your thirst
Not with you, I saw her first

London is everything
I've heard and more
London is nothing
Like I've seen before
Music and feathered hats
And roofs that shine
With flags flying higher than a pine

What a day in London, history was made
Take away the mystery, then you're not afraid

We've seen a girl
We never dreamed we'd see

I've seen a world
I never dreamed I'd see

What an extra special day, unique in truly way
How wonderful this London day turned out to be

"Wait 'Til He Sees You"

Mrs. Jenkins:
Have no fear, we're all right
You've got me, dear, to see that you're a lady tonight
What seems strange, is just new
People change everyday 'til they find their own way, so can you
And wait 'til he sees you after your dressed
I think the king will be very impressed
Wait 'til he sees you walking with ease
He'll be so pleased you came down from the trees
You'll be fine, I can tell
It's a very good sign that you're doing so well
One more tuck, one more bow
Don't get stuck on that clasp, Johnny's lucky they asked you to go
'Cause wait 'til he sees you, he'll be so proud
Maybe he'll smile if he thinks he's allowed
Wait 'til he sees you there in your curls
John's always had such a fondness for girls with curls

And wait, wait 'til you're out on the floor
Show them what dancing is for
Music is all you need
See where a dance can lead

Mrs. Jenkins:
You two might come to see you were meant to be so much more
Wait 'til he sees you, wait 'til tonight
Fate has a way of arranging what's right
After he sees you in your new clothes
A lady of grace from your head to your toes
Pretty and pink as the roses he grows
Who knows? Who knows? I can't wait

"Things Are Not What They Appear"

Your royal highnesses, lords and ladies of the court, and our distinguished guests from the forests of the new world.

Things are not what they appear
As tonight will make quite clear
But what is real will be revealed
I can feel the moment's near
Things are never what they seem
That will be this evening's theme
A music sites for your delight
Perhaps a few to make you scream

You will be surprised to see whose disguise
Is the cleverest one of the lot
After our show the whole world will know
Who's pretending to be what they're not
If a jester's grin or a dancer's spin
Should be pleasing, please say, yea


If a juggler's feat should be incomplete
He's the one you greet with nay


If the fools we see should look like you and me
Then before the night goes by
Ask why, why, why, why, why, why

Things are not what they appear
And the finest proof's right here

How I regret when first we met
I believe my own worst fear

Things are not what they seem
So in keeping with our theme

A change of hair, a dress to wear
And our nightmare's now a dream
Clueless and wild, I saw this sweet child
As a danger to one and to all
Savage, I thought, what could have Rolfe have brought?
Now I see she's the belle of the ball
Thing are never what they seem

He's right, he's right

Many don't say what they mean

He's right, he's right

A powered face is just the place
To conceal an ugly scheme

Only one thing's really clear
Things are not what they appear

"Between Two Worlds"

Two hopeful hearts two lands apart
Together there's no end
To what a dream can start
Like two eagles soar as one
Upon the river of the wind
With the promise of forever
We will take the past and learn how to begin
And we'll build a bridge of love
Between two worlds

With every kiss we'll promise this
We'll find a way to light
The dawn of all we wish
Across the stream of stars we'll reach
An island in the sky
With the moon to guide our way I know
That we can find a home for you and I
And we'll build a bridge of love
Between two worlds

Miles and miles away
Though the journey takes us far
Our love has found a place to stay
If we believe, if we believe
There is no sea, there is no sea
That's wide enough
To keep us from our destiny

Like the snows of every winter melt
And blossom into spring
As the seasons pass, we'll live as one
No what the years ahead may bring
No night is long enough
To end this light that shines on us
We have built a bridge of love
Between two worlds
Yes, we have built a love
Between two worlds

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