Aladdin - Scott Weinger/Brad Kane
Jasmine - Linda Larkin/Liz Callaway
Abu - Frank Welker
Sultan - Val Bettin
Genie - Robin Williams
Cassim - John Rhys-Davies/Merwin Foard
Iago - Gilbert Gottfried
Sa-luk - Jerry Orbach
Razoul - Jim Cummings
Magic Oracle - CCH Pounder
Peddler - Bruce Adler

Release Dates

USA - August 13, 1996
UK - December 26, 2001
Finland - February 25, 2004
Finland - October 8, 2004 (re-release)


Annie Award - Best Home Video Production (1997)


"There's a Party Here in Agrabah"
"Out of Thin Air"
"Welcome to the Forty Thieves"
"Father and Son"
"Are You In or Out?"
"Arabian Nights Reprise"


"There's a Party Here in Agrabah"

There's a party here in Agrabah,
There's excitement in the air
People pouring in from near and far
'Cause Jasmine and Aladdin are gonna have a "waddin'"

There's a party here in Agrabah,
Everybody will be there
So if you're a pauper or a shah,
Do somethin' with yer hair!

You mustn't wear an outfit that's naughty
A turban that's unraveling just won't do
No earrings that are tasteless or gaudy
You're gonna look gorgeous when I get through

There's a party here in Agrabah
So I'm goin to paint de town
If you want to see what colors are,
Follow me around!

Aladdin's gettin' married, and it's gonna be
The wedding of the century
My buddy's gettin' married, and you're gonna see
Just how much I can do!

You've heard of your safari, bar mitzvahs, (Aah!)
Baba-tua-luau, a sweet sixteen (Huh!)
Well, none of them compare to what this is!
(I don't know) disgusting, my (I don't know) busting!

There's a party here in Agrabah,
And it's got a color glow
If a street rat could've come so far,
Maybe I could do it
Sure, there's nothin' to it!

There's a party here in Agrabah,
But we're not sure that we'll go
For although the bride is lah-tee-dah,
The groom is awfully low

And now we take you down to the palace
Where everyone has celebrated all night long
Without Jafar and all of 'is malice,
Everybody's happy
What could possibly go wrong??

There's a party here in Agrabah
And we're gonna rob 'em blind!

While they're all munching caviar
Create a small disturbance,
I'll sneak up from behind

There's a party here in Agrabah
And the loot is pourin' in!
I like this wedding stuff so far!
Maybe if I'm pleasant,
I'll get to keep a present!

We've ordered just a few tasteful flowers
The valet, sir, will carefully park for you
The bridesmaids have been dressing for hours!
Girls, you look just lovely, and so grown-up too

There's a party here in Agrabah
Yes, they're filling up the room
But there's something missing..yes...ah hah!

Where is the groom?!?!?

There's a party here in Agrabah
And the party's all for me
Just look, you guys, at where we are,
And how our dreams have come to be!

There's a party here in Agrabah
And I can't believe it's true
After all this waiting, here we are
We'll finally get so say "I do!"

I never, ever had a real family

I never, ever had a real true friend

Someone who could just understand me...

Hey, c'mon, Aladdin, this mush has gotta end!

There's a party here in Agrabah
And it's starting right away
Let's getcha dressed, 'cause you're the star!
Hey, c'mon, it's your wedding day!

Aladdin's gettin' married, and it's gonna be
The wedding of the century
Amazing how Aladdin could've come so far...

They're finally gettin'married

They're finally gettin' married

They're finally gettin' married

Look at all these presents!

We're finally getting married

[squeaks] They're finally gettin' married

I'm finally gettin' married!

They're finally gettin' married!
At the party in Agrabah!!
[background (mumbling)]
Such a sight to see
Come on, go with me
To the party in Agrabah!

"Out of Thin Air"

You showed me the world
When I was all locked up inside,
You reached out your hand
And took me on a magic carpet ride
One look at your smile,
And I could see the light
Shining everywhere
People like you don't come out of thin air.

Oh, Jasmine
You don't understand
There is so much that you don't see
Just think, if you can,
What growing up had to be like for me
Your father's a man
Who taught you who you are--
Mine was never there
So how can you say I don't come out of thin air?
There's so much I want to know

You've got the chance to learn

If it means I'd have to go

I'll be right here when you return...
Our wedding can wait

I love you

I think it's worth this small delay

Maybe you're right

And won't it be great
To have your father see our wedding day?

I've waited so long

It isn't too late

to learn the truth

And now at last, we can finally say

Your father is really there

There's so much that we might share

And you'll finally learn

(You) (I) don't come out of thin air

"Welcome to the Forty Thieves"

Congratulations, bub, you've joined the club
And everybody here agrees
We got the finest blend of nearly-honest men,
Welcome to the forty thieves!!

A fraternity of thugs that you can trust
There's nothing up our eighty sleeves
Got lotsa grub to share
Pull up an easy chair!
Welcome to the forty thieves!!

Now you get to lie and cheat,
Never hafta brush your teeth
But we always aim to please
Care for one another
You'll never miss your mother

(Oh, I *love* you guys)

Schemin' up a scam,
Out on a limb,
Takin' whatever we please
And if you like to work
You're gonna love this work!
Welcome to the forty thieves!!

Welcome to the forty thieves!!

Together we're the perfect team (Aaaah)
Larceny is in the genes (Aaaah)
Dare to share the family dream? (Aaaah)

Live a life o' leisure
Countin' all yer treasure!

As an honorary member of the gang,
There's no one alive ever leaves,
Ya gotta snatch and sneak
Or else your future's bleak
We got a lifetime contract dat yer bound to keep
You wanna save your skin
You better fit right in,
Wel-wel-welcome to the,
Wel-wel-welcome to the
Forty thieves!!

"Father and Son"

It's a big, bright, beautiful future
Thank your lucky stars you're alive!
Ya got someone special to talk to
A friend that you can trust for life!

You've been on your own
With no family ties,
But those solo days are done
You'll be two of a kind
Spending quality time
Together as father and son!

Buildin' model ships
Takin' fishin' trips
Workin' hand in hand
Painting the palace, and mowin' the sand
First at ten to go
with your daddy-o
Once you break the ice
You'll capostulate paternal advice
(See, you're traveling at the speed of life
that's the theory of relatives!)

It's a fine, fantabulous future
I see fruit on the family tree
You'll be great as a grumpy ol' grandpa
Bouncing babies on your knee! On the comfy couch
After playin' one-on-one
Reamin' back-to-back,
Betcha wallop the Shaq
Together as father and son!

May be a bumpy ride

We'll make it side-by-side

Good afternoon, I'll be your travel guide
Move over Aladdin,
Make room for dad!
You got a whole new shoulder to cry on
Take a chance now,
Give it a spin
You've had chums for pal-in' around with
But you never had a friend like him!

Put your checkered past behind you now
No more livin' on the run
Face a big, bright, beautiful future
Together together together together as father and son!

"Are You In or Out?"

I remember a time
When crime was sublime
There was plenty of loot in the lair
We'd plunder and pillage
And ransack a village
With nary a worry or care
Then along came this king
With his soft-hearted dream
But he ratted us out in the end,
So rally the troops!
We were meant to regroup
And return to our roots once again!
Are you in or out?
Gotta know without a doubt
I'm the one you need for a dirty deed
I'm the best, success is guaranteed
Are you men or mice?
Take a slice of my advice!
You want a fearless leader, one that's strong and stout?
Better vote for me
Are you in or out?

We used to be smart, yes,
Horrendously heartless
In ravaging raids, we were rough
We knew what we had
To be blissfully bad;
Then Cassim brought this sensitive stuff!
And we strayed from the path
Of our rigorous wrath;
Now we're taking a bath in the dust!
But we'll reclaim our winnings,
Our humble beginnings,
In turmoil and torture we trust!

Are you in or out?
Double-crossers or devout?
Put your faith in me,
Pretty soon you'll see
I'm the prince of generosity
Are you foe or friend?
Here's the path I recommend
You want a ride to fame?
I've got the fastest route;
What's it gonna be?
Are you in or out?

We'll go robbing in all the right places,
From Agrabah dunes to Bali
Imagine the fear on their faces
When we drop by for cookies and tea

Come along, boys!
Follow me!
Are you in or out?
If you're with me, give a shout (YAY!)
I'll lead you all the way,
Into the glory days

We'll begin a life of crime that pays
Are you out or in?
Make your choice now, sink or swim!

You can stick with me, or stay behind and pout
What's it gonna be?
Consider carefully.
Are you in or out?

"Arabian Nights Reprise"

So it goes,
Short and sweet
They were wed down the street
May their marriage be truly blessed

Happy end
To the tale
And tomorrow's a sale
So I'd better go home and rest!

Here's a kiss and a hug
Sure you don't need a rug?
I assure you, the price is right

Well, salaam,
Worthy friend
Come back soon, that's the end!
'Til another Arabian Night!

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